about us

Lone Star Association for Behavior Analysis (LSABA) is a local ABAI affiliate, serving the Houston area in Texas.  LSABA is proud to be an ABAI chapter, with a rapidly-growing membership of professionals and educators who are dedicated to promoting Applied Behavior Analysis, the importance of professional Board Certification, and to serving needs within the Houston area.  LSABA provides professional discussion and development, opportunities for continuing education, professional networking, and collaboration with other local organizations to provide training and other services for professionals and consumers alike.  LSABA welcomes new members across disciplines who utilize Applied Behavior Analysis in a variety of applications.  

Mission Statement

Purpose:  To promote the analytical science of behavior and its associated technologies

  • Serve as a scientific and professional network and reference group for all in the Houston Metropolitan Area who identify themselves as scientists or practitioners in disciplines which embrace the principles and practices of behavior analysis.
  • Promote research that will advance understanding of behavioral processes.
  • Identify and promote the use of effective and humane behavioral procedures in meeting the educational and habilitative needs of people within the Houston Metropolitan Area.
  • Advise political, legislative, and policy-making bodies with respect to all matters pertaining to behavior analysis in the Houston Metropolitan Area.
  • Work to support and develop quality standards for the practice of behavior analysis.